Dionysus was the god of wine and theater. He was the only one of the twelve Olympians that had a mortal mother. Her name was Semele, but she died before Dionysus's birth. How is this possible? Well, since Zeus happened to be there when Semele burst into flames(it was his fault after all), he was able to save Dionysus while he was still in Semele's womb by taking him and sewing him into the skin of his leg.

When the proper time for Dionysus's birth came about, he sprang from his father's leg as a newborn god. Since he had been born from Zeus's leg and not from Semele herself, he was not a demigod although his mother wasn't immortal.

He grew up with tigers and leopards for playmates, hidden from his stepmother Hera. When Dionysus was fully grown he went up to Mount Olympus and assumed his place as one of the twelve Olympian gods. He was able to do this only because Hestia, who had previously been one of the twelve, gave up her seat so that Dionysus could have it. His followers were the satyrs and the wild maenads.


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