Greek History and Legend
Viking Legends Names Stories and Myths for Children and Kids


The Museum of Monsters, Myths and Legends makes Greek history for kids come alive. It is a great place to learn about Viking history, legends, stories, and myths.

Our Museum is a modern attraction where visitors and families can learn all about greek history and legend. There is so much to see and do while you learn about Viking Legends, Greek Legends and myths. Our Museum is based on the fantasy aspects of Greek, Egyptian, Viking (Norse), and Modern Mythology.

If you want to hear viking stories for children, learn all about viking names, or Viking Legend, then this is a trip worth taking. Our talented guides dress in character and recite Viking history for children and adults, Greek Legends and stories, myth or fact. Our guides even use Greek legend names in their tours to help you to play your part in our historical re-enactment. We are always looking for new ways to tell our visitors about Greek legends and myths or viking history for kids.

You will feel yourself swept away as we retell Greek History for children and recite Greek Legends for children, families, and the child in all of us. Prepare yourself to journey into forgotten places and ancient times.