Jason, Greek hero and great voyager, was the son of Aeson and Philyra. Aeson, the ruler of Jason's birth place, was deposed by his half-brother Pelias, and Jason's mother decided to place her son in the care of a wise centaur in woodlands of Thessalia. The Delphic Oracle warned Pelias that he would be turned off the throne by a man wearing only one sandal, so when one day Jason returned to the city wearing only one sandal, Pelias was understandably alarmed. To rid himself of the threat he offered to make Jason his successor if he could perform what Pelias regarded as an impossible task - to bring home the Golden Fleece of the fabulous ram, the gift of Hermes.

Jason immediately built a ship, gather together many famous heroes, and set out. After many adventures, the ship reached the kingdom of Aeetes where the Golden Fleece was. The king agreed to five up the Fleece but imposed a series of conditions. Jason was to plow a field using two wild bulls with breath of flame and hooves of bronze, and plant the fields with dragon's teeth. Medea, who was a magician and the daughter of Aeetes, fell in love with Jason and helped him overcome the fierce dragon, which guarded the Golden Fleece, by preparing a magic potion. The dragon fell into a deep sleep, enabling Jason to seize the precious trophy.

Historically, the Golden Fleece came from the Golden Ram that saved Phrixus and Helle from being sacrificed by their stepmother. The ram flew off with them and over the sea. Helle fell off and that's why that part of the sea is called the Hellespont today. Phrixus made it to safety in Colchis.


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