Pan was the Greek god of nature. He was a man from waist up except for pointy ears at the top of his head and shaggy hair around his face. Below his waist he had the body of a goat just like a satyr. His father was Hermes and his mother was a nymph. When Pan was born and his mother saw him for the first time, she screamed and ran away because he was so strange-looking. Hermes, however, was pleased with his son's odd appearance and took him up to Olympus to see the other gods.

All of the Olympians loved Pan. He stayed in the forests and danced with the satyrs and nymphs. He was notorious for chasing nymphs such as Echo and Syrinx and loved to play on his shepherd pipes. When Pan was moody, he would sit alone in a cave and scream terribly at whoever went by. He would cause the passersby to have an irrational fear that was known as panic after the god himself.


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